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In January, we celebrate National Blood Donor, which President Richard Nixon instituted in 1970 to honor voluntary donors and encourage others to donate blood and plasma. This month functions as a reminder to eligible individuals to donate whenever possible.

Almost 5 million Americans would die every year without a blood transfusion. Yet, in the United States, a person needs blood every few seconds. National Blood Donor Month helps us remember that donating blood saves lives.

The American Red Cross requires 13,000 donations per day to keep an appropriate blood supply. Fortunately, eligible blood donors can donate every eight weeks, so it’s a gift that keeps giving.

Donate to honor National Blood Donor Month and help those who need it most. Donate now, donate again in eight weeks, and then make it a habit.

You can inspire others to donate and exponentially increase blood donations where and when needed.

Learn and remember your blood type. There’s more need for O-negative donors than for other blood types. O-negative donors are considered universal donors, whereas AB-positive donors are universal recipients.

You can donate every eight weeks starting in January and commit to regularly donating as part of an act of kindness. Together we can give hope to patients and their families.

At Signature Health Services, our entire team of skilled and registered nurses is completely capacitated to assist you with any question regarding the blood donation process or requirements.

Join the awareness and give life to others!

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